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Welcome to Ningbo Fuxin Mold Base Co. Ltd.

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Company Profile

Company Profile


Ningbo Fuxin Mold Base Co. Ltd.

Current staff of 260 people, total area of 10000 meter squared. Production in 2018 is 140 million RMB. Annual capacity is 3500 sets of mold base. We specialize in manufacturing middle-large sized automobile mold, die-casting mold and home-appliance mold. The maximum working capacity is 3200MMX2200MMX1000MM, 20T. 


The company was founded in 2002.


Total area of 10000 meter squared


Annual capacity of 3500 sets of mold base


Production in 2018 is 140 million RMB

We are dedicated to providing our customers with more precise mold processing, as well as more perfected and effective services.

Fuxin Co, Ltd combines research & development, manufacture and sale, specializing in manufacturing middle-large sized automobile mold, die-casting mold, home appliance mold and in sales of internationally well-known imported mold steel. 
After years of development, our company has developed more than 40 imported numerical control machines, and a management team that has great personal quality and high executing capability. We set our goal at constantly satisfying the need of our customers, and raising the quality of our product, which already earned us credits from international companies such as air conditioner and refrigerator companies, and especially automobile mold company. 
Recalling the past and envisioning the future, Fuxin Co, Ltd. will strive to perfect ourselves to become a highly efficient corporate system, build a branded corporate image, become an excellent mold manufacturer and an excellent automobile mold and professional mold base supplier in the world! 
To provide a platform of real development for our peers: work hard for Chinese manufacture. 



ADD.:No. 1 Tangxi Road, Science and Technology Park, Ninghai County, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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